MMSI radio license package for VHF, AIS, Radar and EPIRB in 24 hours

Valid worldwide for 10 years and can be used with any boat flag
UK Telecom Radio License
$ 169 or € 149
All Inclusive
  • For VHF, AIS, radar and EPIRB
  • Includes call sign, AIS and MMSI
  • 24 hour service
  • Valid worldwide
  • Valid for 10 years
  • Valid for any flag boat
  • No course needed
  • Issued by UK Telecom Authorities

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We can provide you with same-day delivery of an MMSI radio license in order to use an MMSI, ATIS, and Callsign for your vessel registered in Holland.

This official radio license, that will be issued by the UK Telecom Authorities, will license you to use a VHF, AIS, and EPIRB on your boat AND IT DOES NOT MATTER UNDER WHICH FLAG YOU ARE REGISTERED. The license will be valid for 10 years as long as you don’t have changes in your equipment!

It is mandatory by law to have an MMSI license onboard your vessel at all times, so we highly recommend our clients to get this while applying for your boat ownership document. Having an MMSI license onboard avoids problems when you are checked by local authorities. You do not need to do any course to receive the license, all we need is some information about you and your vessel which can be filled in, on our order form. Fill in the form, make the payment and the same day, you have an MMSI radio certificate for your vessel that is valid for all countries around the world. There are no restrictions on your nationality or under which flag your vessel is registered and no renewal for 10 years.

If you order the MMSI license with any of our Boat Registration it is only 149 Euro and if you order it alone it will be 199 Euro. The license is issued as a digital document that should be printed to have on board your vessel and saved on your computer as a backup.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the MMSI / Radio license is only 199 Euro if you order it as standalone or 149 Euro if you order it in combination with any of our boat flag registrations

What do we need to register your mmsi radio license?

All we need to get you a valid MMSI radio license is your personal details and some details of your boat. Should take 5 minutes to fill in our form.

How long does it take to receive my boat radio license?

Your MMSI radio license is issued as an electronic document and will be sent to you usually on the same day that you ordered. You will receive it by email and need to print it out and keep on board.

Is it valid for any boat and any flag?

Yes, the Radio package MMSI license is valid for any vessel registered under any flag and worldwide.

How long is the MMSI radio license package valid?

The MMSI radio license package is valid for 10 years so no more yearly renewals.

In which countries is the MMSI radio package license valid?

The MMSI radio license package that we offer is valid around the world with no restrictions.


Register now in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1 Fill in our online form and pay secure by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal

  • Step 2 Let us submit your MMSI radio package application after receiving your info

  • Step 3 Within 24 hours, we will send you your official MMSI Radio License package via email as an electronic document. Just print it out and keep on your boat


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